My name is Laura Smith and I am proud to say I coach Sarah Luoma at New Smryna Beach High School.  I am a former Division I coach(UCF) and if I was still coaching college I would be recruiting Sarah for my left side.  She is an all around player filling the middle back spot on defense because she is an excellent back row attacker. She is a very aggressive hitter and extremely smart with her choices. She is a player who sees the court and actually court checks on the set. This is just one of the reasons I find Sarah qualified to play Division I volleyball.

Sarah was one of our captains this year and made it clear how important it was to be a team.  Without regard to popularity she kept a watchful eye on the pulse of the team and took the necessary steps to keep the team focused.

Sarah is one of those players that always stays calm and cool earning her nickname  “Buddha”. She is dependable in the games most stressful moments and always comes through.

She is the kind of player you wish for because she never complained, always worked hard and made others better because of her efforts.

Sarah was selected “player of the year” for Volusia county this year ahead of players who have already been offered scholarships.

I believe Sarah is a diamond in the ruff. There is no doubt in my mind she will be a huge asset to any team she plays on.

I’m excited to watch her this club season and I look forward to coaching her in her senior year.

Please feel free to call me for more information about Sarah.

Thank you,
Laura Smith